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Ladybirds are small insect , this subspecies of beetles , measuring from 1 to 19mm, they can be seen in red , yellow , orange color with black spots on their carapace , however they can be found in many different patterns of color. The family of Coccinellidae is worldwide spread , ranging over 5,000 species.Ladybirds generally are considered as a useful insect and great farmers helper as ladybirds eat parasites like aphids, scale insectsthat do harm to gardens or orchards, by doing this ladybirds provide natural pest control.Ladybirds have distinctive pattern and color in order to help protect them from their predators, ladybirds have yellow substance which is rich in toxic alkaloids that is use also to protect them.Ladybird's coloration is a reminder to their predators that they taste awful, in danger ladybird may use both act dead and spread the substancefor protection.Ladybirds lay hundreds of eggs in colonies of aphids or other plant consuming pests, ladybird larvae immediately begin to feed on pests and caneat around 6000 of them.Ladybirds are mostly yellow, orange or red with black spots on them with black legs and head antennae.Ladybugs usually hibernate through the winter often in large groups.There are 46 species of ladybird resident in Britain.Ladybirds have been introduced to other areas of the world for the purpose of pest control.Ladybirds are called Ladybugs in the US. In Europe they are also referred to as lady beetles.